On to the Next One: 10 Tips To Getting Over An Ex


On to the Next One: 10 Tips To Getting Over An Ex
Make sure your next relationship is an upgrade

9- Remember the bad times It’s pretty common for girls/guys to idealize their significant others after a breakup. You’ll just be going about your business, and then, suddenly, you’ll remember an inside joke or a great date. Then you’ll grin, thinking about a cute personality quirk he/she had, and before long, you’re fantasizing about how great your sex life used to be. This is okay and normal, but if you would like to get over him/her fast you need to SNAP out of it!   Focus on the fights and the problems. Recollect his/her bad habits and shady behavior. It’s like taking a cold shower!

10- Work out Without a boyfriend/girlfriend taking up all of your free time, you may be wondering what to do with yourself. Now that you’re single, I’d suggest hitting the gym or taking a jog. It’s a healthy way to work out all of that post-breakup frustration. Getting in shape is also a good way to boost your self-esteem. And don’t forget: The gym is a great place to meet people!  

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