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Meeting His Single Friends for the First Time When First Dating


There is a fine line that women usually cross when meeting a new boyfriend’s single friends

Read this article to find what conversation topics are not acceptable when meeting his single friends for the first time when first dating.

There is a fine line that women usually cross when meeting a new boyfriend’s friends. For example, most women try to be overly charming but that can be easily confused as flirting. We would not want his friends to think that you are coming on to them. That is a sure to way to turn a new boyfriend into an ex-boyfriend.

Things not to talk about:
• The Future- children, marriage, where you will be in five years, etc. Pretty much anything that you would not say on a first date.
• Sex- this could get really awkward considering you are their friend’s girlfriend.
• Sports- that is only if you actually know nothing about sports. (If you know a lot about sports than this topic is good!)

If you follow the steps above accordingly, I promise you that his friends will love you! The most important thing to do is be nice. Treat his friends the way you would him want to treat your friends.

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