4 Do's and Don't Of A Friends With Benefits Relationship


4 Do's and Don't Of A Friends With Benefits Relationship
Do wear condoms. You do not want to complicate things at all by taking the risk of getting pregnant.

3. Don’t get clingy. This means no toothbrush at his/her place and absolutely no gifts. (those should be saved for relationships). This is a friendship, not a relationship. So, absolutely do not do anything you would do in a serious relationship. Save those things for when you are actually in a relationship. Don’t leave a change of clothes or toothbrush there. Don’t go on anything resembling a date.    

4. Don’t make it all about the sex. You don’t want this to be purely a bootycall. You need to maintain a friendship with this person. Although this is not supposed to turn into relationship, it is extrememly important to maintain your friendship. If you turn it into a bootycall, you are going to lose sight of your friendship and that is something you absolutely want to maintain.

A good way to maintain your friendship is to continue hanging out in groups. It is also a good idea not to talk openly about this. If your friends know you are having sex but do not know all the details of the deal, they might put pressure on you guys as being more than friends, which would be an issue.

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