Five Great Places To Have Your Second Date


Five Great Places To Have Your Second Date
For date 2, try one of these fun and fresh locales to see how you two mesh, outside the norm

3) Concert or Theater
A live event is always thrilling, and what better way to experience it than with someone new?  Gauging their reactions and sharing your own, you two can truly bond over a new matinee play, or a local band’s show in a small bar.  With silly critiques of a performance, or an appreciation for fine art, conversation opportunities are endless.

4) Sporting Event
Watching someone excitedly cheer or advocate for something they’re passionate about really shows their true colors; very little is sexier than that.  By attending a baseball game or soccer match on date 2, you can bet on the outcome, which can highlight one’s competitive side – definitely a turn-on.  Or even without cash on the score, the ambiance of a sporting event adds to the buzz of your date 2.

5) Something Sporty
Women are always afraid to get a little sweaty – such a silly concern!  Men dig a chick that’s not scared to get dirt under her fingernails.  Ditch the frilly dress and throw on your hottest work-out outfit, and rent some kayaks, or take to a bike trail for a nice outdoorsy day.  Sunshine is proven to make someone happier, and it never hurts to have nature in your favor on a second date!

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