The First Date: What to Order


The First Date: What to Order
The thing is that ordering is one of the most important moments in a date, but it’s how you order

Read this article to find out how and what you should order on the first date.

Continuing the trend, women tend to over analyze every little thing they do especially on the first date. In particular, when it comes to ordering, women usually go insane and ask themselves one hundred different questions.

Will he think I am indulgent or spoiled? Will he think that I’m likely to get fat one day if I order anything other than a salad or fish? Should I let him order for me? What if I don’t like it? Is it appropriate to order one of the more expensive entrees on the menu like filet mignon?

The thing is that ordering is one of the most important moments in a date, but it’s how you order not what you order.

Be nice to the waiter. Actually, be nice to everyone in the restaurant including the busboys, hostesses, the doorman, etc. You want him to see you as the courteous, respectful woman that you are, not some crazy, rude woman.

Be Decisive. You’re an adult. Make a decision and stick with it. If you can’t make a decision and stick with it, your date is going to think that you won’t be able to make any other type of decisions, which will make him worry.

Be Satisfied. Your date cares whether or not you enjoyed your meal. He doesn’t want to see you pushing around everything on your plate with a fork. He’s going to think that he chose a bad restaurant. So, pick something you’ll enjoy. A woman having an appetite is sexy!

If you follow these three things, most of your worries should melt away! But, if you still have qualms about what to order because of price, ask what he’s having and order something in the same price range. Ordering something $3 more is not a big deal. Just relax, enjoy your meal, and stop over analyzing! Everything will be okay. I promise!!

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