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First Date Don’ts-Especially the Sex Question


Don’t check to see who just called you. Don’t check the time. Don't talk about sex right away.

We all know by now, the key to acing a first date is to be yourself.  But what about what NOT to do?

Talk on your cell phone!  Don’t check to see if you have a new text.  Don’t check to see whose call you just missed.  Don’t check the time –buy a watch!  Don't talk about having sex on the first date. It’s simple: just don’t do it.  This is the quickest way to make your date feel self-conscious.  Checking your phone not only makes you appear super bored, it also makes your date feel as though they’re not worthy of your attention; there must be someone better out there with whom you’d rather be eating dinner!
Complain!  Don’t complain about your roommate, your mother, your car, the weather – anything!  Your date gets that everybody’s got high points and low points in their life, but tonight is about showcasing the HIGH points; what makes you interesting, what makes you special?  If you spend the whole time complaining and whining about your trivial life issues, he’ll miss the forest for the trees!  Save yourself the chance of being written off as a sad sack, and accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative!
Be overly concerned with how you look!  You get two chances to check your appearance: before you walk out the door, and once in the bathroom during dinner.  Resist the urge to check your make-up in the mirror, do a lip-gloss touch-up, brush your hair, or primp at the table.  This makes you look prim, vain, and overly fussy.  Guys claim to want naturally pretty, and we know that’s not the case; they prefer a low-maintenance style, but not barefaced.  That said, guys are all about the low-maintenance vibe, as well.  Scanning your face to make sure your eye makeup isn’t melting off just makes him scrutinize closer.  Act confident, and he’ll see you as confident.
Have bad table manners!  There is very little that’s less attractive than a woman spewing between bites.  Learn where to place your fork and knife, understand how to politely cut your food, and chew carefully and completely before speaking. It’s fine to order the burger instead of the salad, but take care that you still act like a lady.  This is an obvious DON’T, but you’d be surprised how many women overlook it!




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