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Conversation Topics For Dating


Are you nervous of awkward lulls in conversations or having nothing to talk about when dating?

Read this blog to find out some safe and upbeat conversation topics for dating.

Are you nervous of awkward lulls in conversations or having nothing to talk about? If so, I’ve created a list of topics that you can talk about with some Dos and Don'ts when dating.

1. Movies
• Dos: The Godfather and/or any other Oscar nominated movie
• Donts: Avoid any debates about controversial documentaries
2. Travel
• Dos: A place you’ve been too and somewhere you would love to go to. (Adding in why you would love to go there doesn’t hurt either!)
• Donts: Avoid any recaps of that one spring break trip to Mexico where you did things you probably wouldn’t want your mother knowing
3. Books
• Dos: Bring up any books you think he may like but doesn’t know about
• Donts: Avoid any obscure books that he obviously hasn’t read but think makes you look smart
4. Life Ambitions
• Dos: Whether your job has a long-term appeal
• Donts: Avoid any therapy session worthy rants about what you should be doing

With these four topics, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you and your date should have excellent conversation with no awkward lulls or disagreements!



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