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Clever Pick-ups for Dating


When dating, one pick up line that can get a guy’s attention is complimenting them on their outfit

When dating, you can meet men just about anywhere. The gym, bar, coffee shop or maybe even the grocery store. Anyone can spot a hottie, but the real trick is to introduce your-self.  Many people make jokes about classic pick-up lines; however what they don’t know is that they actually work as long as you have confidence and spunk! I have compiled a simple list of a few pick-up lines that can make you very memorable in a guy’s eyes. Men like women who show initiative, but just make sure that you are not too audacious.

One pick up line that can get a guy’s attention is complimenting them on their outfit. A simple gesture like thisshows that you are attracted but also not too forward. Saying something like “I couldn’t help but notice your tie brings out the color of your eyes”.  Or if you are feeling extra confident cut to the chase and tell them they have gorgeous eyes. You could even ask them about the drink they are drinking. This can bring about some interests and could lead to further conversations.

Just remember, pick-up lines are not out of date. You can find a great catch and grab his attention anywhere as long as you show your inner diva!


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