What To Wear On Any Date


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Fashion for every dating occasion!

4. High-end restaurant. You just found out you've got a table at one of the ten best restaurants in town. The idea here is chic and simple — very high fashion. Aim for elegance here: skirts with some beautiful boots or a conservative and flattering dress. Avoid the urge to go trendy and stick to the classics.

5. Sports game. The Mets are his favorite team, and he wants you to experience a game. One option is to wear a tee shirt or jersey to support the team.  But if you don't feel like doing research to see what kind of shirt to buy or you don't want to scramble last-minute before the date, any classic t-shirt and jeans combination should work fine. Wearing a simple outfit lets your natural beauty stand out, so try a white v-neck with a great colored scarf, and let your great personality speak for itself.

Men all want different things, and a lot of times, it seems like men don't even know what they want. But when I asked the single men I've met across the country, they all stuck to one basic principle: they want their females to look feminine. So dress comfortably, dress like you, and above all else, dress like the classy lady you are. Remember that when you're dating, you're not just dressing to impress. You're also trying to look like a future wife, or maybe even the mother of his children, so don't go cleavage-crazy. You can't go wrong with confidence. More than anything, clothes can set a tone, but it's really your personality that will speak for itself.

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