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4 Top Tips To Scheduling a First Date


As I always say, first dates can be nerve racking.  But with these simple steps the initial date

4 tips to scheduling a first date. As I always say, first dates can be very nerve racking.  But with these simple steps the initial dating process will be much easier. 1. First and foremost, call him! You have nothing to lose and guys like when girls tDateA little Initiative. 2. Second, being available makes the process a lot easier. That doesn’t mean to continuously ditch people for dates, but rather, make the time to go on dates. What I hear most is women are not available. 3. Thirdly, be excited! Dates are fun and supposed to be stress-free. 4. Finally, go with the flow. Nothing goes as planned so don’t have a meltdown if your planned date goes a little astray. Hiccups in a first date can lead to great memories or even a second date that you both can laugh and reflect upon!

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