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Playtime in your marriage is sacred

In most families mom and dad are both working. Financial stressors, and keeping up with busy kids; there isn’t time enough for anything including each other. The first thing to get deleted off our calendars is usually playtime together as a couple. Playtime is thought of as wasteful, and we have our hands ...

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Bad sex isn't contagious but it can infect your marriage

When you watch TV, your favorite show on your iPad or look through a magazine, one thing appears very clear. Others are having great sex. If you are feeling as though yours doesn’t compare, you may begin wondering what is wrong with your sex life. This would be an error in your thinking, because TV sex, ...

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6 Reasons Why Women Love Sexy Shoes

The fact that Cinderella left a glass slipper is not a mere coincidence. — Mary Jo Rapini This time of year symbolizes back-to-school, the end of summer, fashion weeks in New York and elsewhere and a rise in shoe sales. Every one of my friends has been shoe shopping within the past three weeks. In ...

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Who cheats with the cheater

I often write about marriages, the sacredness of marriage and the act of infidelity within a marriage. Of course, everyone knows cheating is wrong and when it happens in a marriage we often times ask, “Who would cheat with someone else’s husband or wife?” What kind of a person would try to ...

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How To Not Let Work Affect Your Sex Life Kinsey Institute last reported that 13% of married couples reported having sex a few times a year. 45% ...

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Playtime in your marriage is sacred

When we think of play, we think of kids. Playtime is as important in your marriage as it is for kids


Bad sex isn't contagious but it can infect your marriage

The constancy of marriage makes bad sex once in awhile more likely. Bad sex proof your marriage.

6 Reasons Why Women Love Sexy Shoes [EXPERT]

6 Reasons Why Women Love Sexy Shoes

For women, shoes are more than just accessories; they are they key to our confidence!

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Who cheats with the cheater

Think you know who cheats with a cheater? Marriage isn't natural,that's why you must commit each day


How To Not Let Work Affect Your Sex Life

Work comes second to your intimacy/sex life in a marriage. Prioritizing helps you find the time.

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