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Watch Me: The Self-Centered influence of Social Media

Every parent who has a three-year-old knows the phrase, "Watch me." Toddlers want to be watched when they jump, go down the slide, act silly with their toys, or anything they are involved with. They need their parents to watch and enjoy their feat. This behavior is normal, and a fun part of having a ...

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7 Types Of People Who Aren't The Marrying Sort

One of the most frustrating problems I work with involves women who complain about their boyfriends reluctance to marry them. The problem most commonly happens when women are dating someone that is not the marrying kind, but somehow the woman complaining believes she can magically change him. This is rarely ...

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No connection   There is a disorder that is making more and more sense into why couples break up. The personality trait is called “Alexithymia,” and it renders the person it affects unable to ...

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WANTED: Previously Married and Attractive Males

When you hear the word 'Puma', you may think of an athletic shoe or a cougar’s little sister. But in the U.K., however, it is taking on a new meaning. A 'Puma' is a previously married and attractive man that women who want to get married seek to find. These women are choosing experience ...

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3 ways to talk so he hears you

                                      The underlying problem in most relationships is lack of communication. This usually involves couples feeling like their partners don’t listen to them. Women seem to ...

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Watch Me: The Self-Centered influence of Social Media

One expert explains what sharing too much on social media reveals about your personality.

Make A Move

7 Types Of People Who Aren't The Marrying Sort

Ladies, it's not the guys fault if you want to get married. It's yours.

deep breath

No connection

Not being able to connect with your partner may be deeper than you think. This article can help.


WANTED: Previously Married and Attractive Males

Divorced men may seem attractive, but how do you secure a marriage when it's the second time around?


3 ways to talk so he hears you

Men hear differently than women do.He listens for what needs fixing. Talk so he hears you.

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