What Rush Limbaugh Can Learn From Eleanor Roosevelt


What Rush Limbaugh Can Learn From Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt teaches Rush Limbaugh about human dignity and respect. Time to evolve, guy!

Plato might say the world revealed by our senses is not the real world at all and that freedom is our inalienable right. More modern scientists, while they wouldn’t dare sneeze at the significance of our psychological drives and urges as a measure for evolution, are more inclined to gauge progress in quantum terms rather than increments of socialized behaviors. Rebecca Costa, a well-known sociologist, supports the view that while we know some things for sure we know even less for certain. In her latest book, The Watchman’s Rattle, Rebecca states that while we have indeed come from “somewhere” and are surely moving towards “something,” we are actually on the brink of an evolutionary marker that suggests the next leap we make will be in terms of human consciousness, a broader scope of progress and change that eclipses our current understanding.

In the light of everything I can see that we have made significant measurable progress. I like to imagine that someday we will live in a world where we no longer need to fight for such things as freedom, dignity or birth control. Nor measure people in terms of how far they have come (or call women baby). And while I probably won’t live to see this Utopia, I will push towards it anyway, just in case I’m wrong and our suffering is the price we must pay for that ultimate freedom!

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