What Do Sex and Money Have in Common?


What Do Sex and Money Have in Common? [EXPERT]
Essential, scarce, scary, abundant--learn 8 ways to manage stress about money in your relationship!

Sex and money cause the most overall stress in relationships. This week’s blog is going to cover some basics about money and relationship and what you can do to manage your stress about it!

1) Money makes you more of who you are: meaning, whatever your money issues or beliefs are, you bring them with you into your relationships. It’s almost always the case that whatever values and beliefs you have about money, you will die with—unless you’re willing to do the work and get to the root of them and make some changes! You can start by not pointing the finger at your partner, and taking a look at what your bottom line is about finances. Do you believe that there is enough money for everyone on the planet? Do you believe it’s your partner’s job to manage or make all the money? Do you believe life is hard and then you die? That it’s easier being a man…or a woman? That rich politicians make it impossible to get ahead? That rich people are evil, that you’re just not good with money, etc. You really deserve to take a good look, otherwise you and your partner are doomed to repeat your unconscious material in the relationship! Don’t bother lying to yourself; the proof is in the pudding. I mean that until you get real, you and your relationships will always reflect your true inner values and beliefs. Once you identify those, you can do something about them!


2) Lay it on the line: Most of us are afraid to look at the facts about our money situation. We don’t want to know what the bottom line really is, so we stay in denial and bumble along hoping things will change. The truth is, they won’t unless you change them! I say YOU CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH and need to look at it. Take back your power: pull your credit report, make a list of how much money you have in the bank, how many credit cards you have, and what you owe. Spell it all out. No one is coming to rescue you but you, so suck it up, take a deep breath and look at it. Then (here’s the great part) you can choose what you want and what you’re willing to do to make that happen! We all know now that energy flows, so make an investment in getting the facts on your financial pulse.

3) Get on the same team: If you are in a relationship, fighting about money is pointless, whereas negotiating about it isn’t. Take the opportunity in this economy to get clear whose team you are on and what your goals are together. When you and your partner are on the same page there is nothing you cannot do, but if you’re constantly at odds, I guarantee it will cost ya!

4) Be adventuresome and creative: Everyone is affected by the stress of survival on some level, and unless you want to be a perpetual stress victim you’re going to have to change your attitudes. You can start by seeing the world of finance and money as a game, and one you can both win. Get out there and see what you can do, and stop wasting time fighting about what you can’t. Find ways to achieve your goals together and it will bring you closer in the end!

5) Map out your next 5 years. My husband and I love this because first we look at what happened the previous five years; what worked, what didn’t, etc. Then we sit with paper and crayons and a tape recorder and off we go. What do WE want! And then we create the map on how to get there.

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