Relationship Aptitude Test—Find Out Who's A Rat!


relationship test
10 questions to help you smell a rat...or find out if you are one!

Q5: When you should bring up marriage or commitment?
1. Be upfront about what you want; you both deserve that
2. You should just go with the flow
3. Not until you're sure it won't scare them away

Q6: At what point do you talk about kids or birth control?
1. Love me, love my kids...and know that whatever I do, I am responsible for
2. If you have them, wait to bring them up; if you don't, wait until they mention it
3. Have a condom and don't say anything you'll regret later How To Get Him To Use Protection


Q7: When and how do you talk about STDs?
1. I would assume someone would tell me if they were sick or had some disease
2. ASAP and gracefully
3. You can tell when people are clean and healthy—and always bring a condom

Q8: Does it matter if someone you are with has been incarcerated?
1. Everyone deserves a second chance
2. As long as it wasn't murder
3. Depends on what for

Q9: Does everyone need a purpose in life?
1. I just want them to be happy
2. Absolutely—or in sincere pursuit
3. As long as it isn't me

Q10: Do you believe in Happily Ever After? Why Marriage Doesn't Always Equal Happily Ever After
1. I don't need to anymore
2. I believe in the pre-nuptial agreements
3. Sure, who doesn't want that?

Send us back your score like this: Q1 = (your choice of 1, 2, or 3), Q2 = (your choice), etc. Mail your score to and let us know you took the quiz on YourTango, and we'll send you the results. Find out if you need an X-termination, need to lay off the cheese, or if you are a cheese connoisseur!


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