The Only Reason to Ever Get Married!


The Only Reason to Ever Get Married!
Did you know the main reason people get married is simply because someone asked?

That bit of knowledge, along with a young man named Emmanuel, inspired this week’s blog. He’s a 23-year-old, ex-soccer player from Spain, who had a promising career but crushed his leg beyond repair and then decidedly embraced a path as a singer/song writer/musician. He loves his mother, his job (setting up bands with high-tech equip and renting us a karaoke machine for our Xmas party, in between playing at his own gigs), his band, and has an ex-girlfriend who wants to get married. In my opinion, that was like having a partridge in a pear tree. So of course I said so…

“Wait, wait, wait…So why would you want that…I mean why would you want to marry her?” I asked curiously. “Who? My ex-girlfriend?” he said looking up from the mess I had created (my genius attempt to enthusiastically camouflage the legs on his karaoke machine’s LED screen with a gigantic Santa toy bag, which now he generously tried to help me untangle and undress). “Yes…your EX-girlfriend! Why would you want to marry your ex-girlfriend anyway?” I repeated. He looked at me and then at the rat’s nest, then went back to a task that he knew he could handle easily and smiled.  “I guess…I mean I don’t know” …paused and admitted almost matter-of-factly… “She wants to, that’s all I am saying.” “Oh NO…no no no, I mean really NO is the answer to that.’s the thing. I know we only just met and, by the way, my name is Maryanne…” I held out my hand which he shook obligingly. “Okay, you’re thinking who is this lady, I mean, you don’t know me at all. The thing is, I know something about this, and the advice I am about to give you is worth more money than you will ever make in your entire life…How’s that? So, would you be interested in that type of advice? Because that’s what I am about to do!” Of course, I didn’t completely care what his answer was, as I saw this as a critical moment in time, a divine opportunity of sorts…and I wanted with all my heart to tattoo his young spirit with the following creed.

This article was originally published at Maryanne Live . Reprinted with permission.
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