How to Transform Retail Hell!


How to Transform Retail Hell!
Hate shopping? Surly sales staff, long lines...tune in for ways to save the day...and your temper!

2) If you have a question, ask the right person. Asking a Sales Associate where the wing nuts are in the Lingerie Department is bad shopping form and going to get you a blank stare and "I don't know." If there is no one in the Hardware department, a better question would be "Could you please call and get me assistance in Hardware."

3) Leave your Diva or "Ruler and Master of the Universe" attitude at the door. Being rude and demanding gets you nowhere. Salespeople get belittled and talked down to constantly. Don't throw a tantrum when the store runs out of George Forman grills. It's not the sales associate's fault. They didn't order the merchandise.


4) Wait your turn. Yes, you have ten million errands to run, but so does everyone else. Interrupting salespeople while they are on the phone or helping other customers because you want to be waited on immediately is a sure-fire way to get bad service. They will purposely go slow and ignore you. Be patient. They know you are there and they will get to you. The nicer you are, the more they will attempt to either get you help or help you while waiting on others

5) Don't go shopping in a rush. If you have to be somewhere in 15 minutes and you pull into the mall on Saturday around noon, get ready for some Retail Hell. Save yourself stress and aggravation by not having time constraints. You may get in and out, and you may not. Stores work hard to staff, but sometimes the Law of Retail Hell Gravity hits and everyone wants to be rung up at the same time.

6) Don't be a Piggy Shopper. It's just not cool to throw things on the floor, tear open packages, and ruin merchandise like you are a descendant of King Kong. Put things back where you found them. The pair of Spongebob socks you are dumping in the ice cream freezer could be the last ones in the store. This kind of bad Shopping Karma will come back at you when a Sales Associate tells you the computer says they have it, but the last size 10 is nowhere to be found because it's been thrown under a sale rack of babywear.

7) Be responsible. For example, you might think you're helping out by getting your clothes back on the hanger even if they are inside out, but what you are doing is making more work for the fitting room attendant and making them to want to smash their head through a fitting room door. Tearing tags off of clothes and leaving them on the fitting room floor is also a piggy-like move, and creates problems for other customers when they can't find the price. If this happens by accident, give them to the attendant.

8) It’s okay to ask for a box, just don't get angry when you are told the store doesn't offer them. Very few stores give boxes away because of the cost involved, yet customers continue to get irate if they can't get a free box for their three-dollar scrunchy. High-end stores usually have boxes and many stores sell them. Gift bags are also easy and reusable. If you don't like any of those answers, get some newspaper and string. It's the Marc Jacobs handbag they want, not the box.

This article was originally published at Maryanne Live . Reprinted with permission.
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