Freedom through Commitment


Freedom through Commitment
How the path of self-inquiry gave us a day of sheer magic!

So while none of these details occured to me as I oet the updated schedule (pronounced she-du-al, best said with a British accent to emphasize du-al), I could feel the freight train of momentum behind me come to a screeching halt which felt certain to skid its way up and out of my mouth. While I have an inordinate amount of experience at turning on a dime, making lemonade out of lemons is an art reserved for the truly mature, because in these moments sometimes the only freedom that seems real is to explode in a mental tantrum or a control-freak-orama spasm. But I hardly flinched, and instead of derailing or even sitting on the swell, it actually did not come. It was almost weird, like slow motion—I saw it all happening in some altered state or zone. Even though I could feel the suck to kvetch, I let the train go down the track and took a left. Actually, took a North to be more exact!

Instead, my head flooded with alternate thoughts, happy and magical ones at that. I wonder what this all means? What wonderful thing will happen instead? As soon as we arrived back home we decided to explore those questions more literally. We sat quietly in a soft meditation, in which I heard Pick a direction. And by “heard,” I mean from the same place I had that feeling, that intuition to check my phone. I opened my eyes and promptly blurted what I had heard and since David speaks Maryanne  (in other words, this kind of talk was not unfamiliar as I do it quite frequently), without hesitation he closed his eyes and in a moment said “North feels good.” Then he suggested I grab one of our Divination decks and pull a card for more clarity (a Div deck is a deck of cards used to help you connect to your own inner divine guidance or gain more clarity on whatever you want to know about). So we shuffled the cards, said our usual prayer, asked our question and pulled a card, which read “This is a great decision,” which made us laugh out loud (and look over our shoulders).


After a few more questions refining our upcoming sojourn, we eagerly piled in the car and headed North, filled with wonder about what was in store. Just prior to takeoff I had another hunch to do a Google search for boutique hotels in the area we decided to visit and stumbled across a gorgeous property, which just happened to have a last-minute cancellation in an otherwise fully committed weekend, said the reservationist in shock and awe. I squealed with delight. The reservationist squealed along with me; absolute joy is contagious! We were on our way.

To say we had a perfect weekend would be no exaggeration; one synchronicity after another unveiled the next stitch in the tapestry of this extraordinary and unexpected holiday.

Just when I thought I couldn’t have any more fun, possibly expand one tiny little bit more (How much joy is one person allowed to experience? I wondered), I remembered. Oh yeah: every day, in every moment is an opportunity for the universe to unfold in all its magical ways. All I have to do is be willing to stay on my path, which means being committed to my daily practice (going with the flow, letting the train go down the track, praying for guidance and direction, etc.) while at the same time getting out of my own way, instead of being bound by control issues or resentments or fear or anxiety or worry or blame ad nauseum. Real Freedom, freedom to participate, to trust and to behold life unfolding in its own amazing and glorious perfection!! Undoubtedly the gift of commitment. What a splendid way to roll!

This article was originally published at Maryanne Live . Reprinted with permission.
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