Freedom through Commitment


Freedom through Commitment
How the path of self-inquiry gave us a day of sheer magic!

David and I were on the approach to The Golden Gate Bridge when I had a “feeling” to check my cell. Sure enough, four calls within minutes, evidence someone was urgently trying to reach me. Validation that my intuition (i.e. that feeling) was working—oh, I just love that part! The part I don’t always LOVE is what’s actually “up.” Which, in this instance, was cause (or opportunity) to do an abrupt about-face and radically shift our plans, literally changing direction…with, I might add, nary a hiccup, hitch or grrrr.

That’s what this blog is about: how our commitment to our practice of connecting to our inner guidance and wisdom, which David and I affectionately refer to as our “self-inquiry” practice, offers us the opportunity for real freedom. This might sound ridiculous or even confusing—freedom through commitment, yeah, right? Thirty years ago I might have agreed: I was simply not a fan of doing anything (except breathe in and out) for long periods of time, which in large part is what commitment implied to me. I suppose I was lucky that breathing is autonomic.


Many of us have a strong response to the concept of commitment. For some of us it’s full-on reaction: you just say the word and its YIKES, fight or flight, our heart pounds, our throats close up, the future evaporates, you can even hear the jail cell door slamming shhhhhrrrrgggg as the panic sets in. Not to fear, my liebchens (German word for dears), I am here as the bearer of good news. It absolutely doesn’t have to be like that…listen and you’ll see.

There we were, careening down the freeway, bags packed (this alone was enough to piss anyone off, given the time it takes to pack for even an overnight trip if you’re me),

cat care, dog care, water plants extra ‘cause we know our son won’t, empty fridge of anything that won’t keep, phone charger, iPod headphones, 3 oz of EVERYTHING, refill favorite shampoo and conditioner, supplements, power bars & almonds (hate plane food), presentation material, business cards and…and…and…oh, the thingy that plugs into the laptop so you can be online everywhere (yes, I am technologically challenged). Then…the plane waiting at the airport, hotels booked, meetings planned, checked, double-checked, dinner reservations, cars picking up at airport, dropping off—shizer! Did I remember the bathing suit? That’s before you even get to the airport, which is an entire blog itself. Need I go on?

This article was originally published at Maryanne Live . Reprinted with permission.
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