5 Genuinely Loving Gestures That Show You Care


5 Genuinely Loving Gestures That Show You Care [EXPERT]
Have you expressed genuine affection for your partner lately?

4. Make it happen! Do not underestimate the little things; they can be the best sometimes. My husband gets up and makes me green tea with the exact right amount of soy milk in it every morning, even when we travel. I am so thrilled and grateful because I get to lie in bed those five extra minutes, and he knows how much I love to sleep in. 

Or sometimes, he cleans up the dog poop because it makes me gag. Sometimes, I will tell him to take a half an hour and go meditate when I know he hasn't had a moment to himself all day. We really know each other.


5. Embrace what you don't know. Then there's what we don't know about each other, where we stretch each other and ourselves. Sometimes I will say to my husband, "Let's just get in the car and drive!" He picks the direction, and we just go. Maybe we don't even talk; we just find new neighborhoods or end up in LA or a park or at the beach, and find a new restaurant or bookstore.

Or maybe, we walk out the front door and don't know where we are going, only that we are interested in going where we haven't been before. And this is just the place to start. From here, it becomes a joy to try and find new ways to bring joy, laughter, surprise or peace of mind into your partner's existence. But from where we do that, as I said, makes all the difference in the world.

Like I always say, if you actually care, then act like it! Great relationships begin from within! 6 Surprising Secrets To A Happy Relationship

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