Begin Your Great Relationship Today!


Begin Your Great Relationship Today!
How do you go from overwhelm to finding that special person who truly makes your load feel lighter?

Yay… now I get to go home, climb in the shower and get ready for my date tonight!!! Yipppeeeee. Better hurry, ‘cause maybe, just maybe this one will be the one person in the whole wide world (or at least on this continental hemisphere) that will make all of this go away! Gee, that should be easy to do. The person I am manifesting will be: independently wealthy (one of us has to be) and all of his staff will be virtual and enlightened; perfectly adorable (even in a magnifying mirror); in excellent health with no present related concerns (he only drinks blessed water from Lourdes). His manner is impeccable, his style and taste are flawless, he meditates several hours a day and reads from the Koran as a hobby. He writes poetry that is manly, would rather poke his eye out than fart in public (or in your presence), prefers chick flicks, hates video games and thinks golf (actually, all sports) are a waste of time, when instead you could be having long, endless conversations together about whether you should go brunette or stay blonde. Insists on cooking and cleaning or going out (your pick), can’t wait to rub your feet or anything else you want rubbed because he has nothing better to do…

Sure, the thought of “that person” will give you a second wind, right? Let me just plug myself in and re-charge, to my human re-charger…oh, I don’t have a human being re-charger, damn it. Okay, so, I’ll just snap out of whatever, so I am sure to be fresh, present and emotionally uncluttered. I’ll remember to listen, which should be no problem, because after my lengthy 3-minute shower I most certainly should be perfectly refreshed (unless something is wrong with me, by then I should have nothing on my own mind) and let them drain what little life there is left out of me while I blabber uncontrollably (yet perfectly poised) every possible thing about myself that will hopefully make them want to be with me (at least one more time) so I don’t have to kill myself or eat a quart of ice-cream because they weren’t the one I was looking for…again! THUD… @#$%^&*



One point to make here is that most of our lives are full, or at least we perceive them to be filled with many things that are not always easy to manage day in and day out …gracefully and with a sincere, warm smile like in “Gone with the Wind” :0 Nope, most of us tend towards Scarlett O’Hara a little more…streessssssed out, and getting tired of it, too. So how do we go from overwhelm (or, at least, “I am bloody tired and I really want a relationship”) to gracefully finding that one special person who actually does make your load feel lighter?

This article was originally published at Maryanne Live . Reprinted with permission.
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