Are Monkeys More Sexually Evolved Than Humans?


Are Monkeys More Sexually Evolved Than Humans?
Maryanne answers a provocative listener may be surprised!

I wrote Hindsight, What You Need to Know Before You Drop Your Drawers, instead, hoping to inspire an alternate impulse—to pause (not paws). To globally build our collective conscious imperative to delay our gratification, for the sake of man (and woman) kind. To build our global muscle that has atrophied in the wake of our fast-food mentality, and resurrect the ultimate truth that there is freedom in discipline, that the mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master. To use that 2% for everything it’s worth so that maybe someday, sooner rather than later, our priorities will change and we will value and hold in unison that which is naturally sacred before we all cross the point of no return.

But before we race off to transform ourselves, just because we can, let’s make an important distinction between humans and primates (an issue that seems to conjure great debate when talking about sex; *Oooh-oohh ooh eee eee eee aah aah aah). While there may be only a 2% genetic difference between monkeys and men, I remind you, fine sir, it is our ability to consider whether or not we ever “drop our drawers”—our inherent ability to reflect and consciously consider anything—which makes all the difference in the world (and also explains why those primates are not studying you). That said, we all need role models from time to time; why not an ape or an aboriginal? So let’s not look a gift horse (or any other animal, tribe, or alien) in the mouth, and take good relationship modeling where we can get it! If there is something to be learned from our furry or our scantily clad friends, if they can help us better determine optimal drawer droppage in this time/space continuum, far be it for me to stand in the way of such monkey business! Cheers to all beings and the light in each of us!!

(*Phonetic monkey translation of sex talk thanks to “I try” on Yahoo

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