Are Monkeys More Sexually Evolved Than Humans?


Are Monkeys More Sexually Evolved Than Humans?
Maryanne answers a provocative listener may be surprised!

Listener Question: Love your title, What You Need to Know Before You Drop Your Drawers. Tell me, though, why does dropping one’s drawers have to be the line of demarcation? Is that really the point of no return? If so, then why do you consider it as such? My studies of aboriginal Polynesian societies have led me to delve into customs of touching in other nearly nude societies, including those of primates, with whom we share 98% of our DNA. These societies have no drawers to drop, yet raised peaceful, sexually wise kids. So, perhaps your next title should be: What You Should Know Before You Cover Your Wares. :-)

Maryanne Answer: Good question: what about dropping one’s drawers creates such a hard line—or as you put it, the abysmal point of no return? A question worthy of great consideration, no doubt!


I believe it was Ted Bundy, one of the most notorious Mr. Wrongs of our time, who said, and I will have to paraphrase, “As long as we have pornography men will continue to victimize and harm women,” which might explain why we do not live in a naked, leaf-eating, peaceful, sexually wise culture. IT’S NOT SAFE FOR WOMEN—yet. And while the Aboriginals may be sexually more evolved, they currently do not have access to the internet (or other forms of soul-sucking, spirit-killing, de-humanizing programming). And until women elect to have their clitorises cut out themselves, I say we have some work to do with this.

In the meantime, I realized if we put that 2% of genetic difference to work we might be able to counter the overwhelming amount of suffering men and women experience in relationship. I saw a corollary between pausing prior to drawer droppage to consider, at length, its consequences, and the aforementioned suffering. That if we just waited a little longer before we succumb to the hormonal impulse to make a genetic cocktail, we had a greater likelihood of creating healthy, fulfilling, sustainable relationship. Somehow, it doesn’t seem likely the FDA will allow me to attach a human sexuality instruction manual to men’s penises (which isn’t meant to be discriminatory; it’s simply that women already have more than enough to contend with down there) that reads like a prescription warning label. “WARNING, may be HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH if taken internally. Do not drink ALCOHOL while handling, may cause heart palpitations, intense longing, dizziness, trouble concentrating, financial hemorrhaging, loss of memory, pregnancy and, in some cases, death. Consult your doctor if any of these symptoms persist.”

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