Are You In Love Or In An Addictive Relationship?


Are You In Love Or In An Addictive Relationship?
Answer 13 questions to find out if you're in a healthy relationship or addicted to your partner.

Admitting some of these things to ourselves can be very uncomfortable, never mind make you feel incredibly vulnerable. There is usually a great degree of silent shame felt by many of us who are in or have had an addictive kind of relationship experience. The flip side is, sometimes admitting that can be a relief.

Awareness is key, and a good first step if you suspect you are in a addictive relationship. And I applaud you for having the courage to look. To you, I would say: keep your eyes open and maybe start a journal. More will be revealed. Denial is the real threat, so watch for your tendency to start rationalizing unacceptable behavior.


Depression is another sign we might be in an addictive relationship. The highs and lows start to wear on you and you're just not yourself these days. Now the good in the relationship is starting to be outweighed by the bad. Whatever the case, beating yourself up or heading for the Haagen Dasz isn't going to help.

If you suspect your dependent relationship might be heading towards an addictive one, there are a great many people and organizations dedicated to helping men and women deal with addictive relationships and patterns that can support you in getting you and your love life back on track! You can try your local chapter of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous for starters. And you can always get in touch with me at Sending you blessings ...

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