5 Healthy Ways to Get Through Holiday Craze!


5 Healthy Ways to Get Through Holiday Craze!
You can get through the holidays happily and healthily, opening up to true love and joy, right here!

    PRAY FOR GUIDANCE~ Meeting our shadows head on is no easy task, especially since the holidays can conjure ghosts of holidays past (or future) like the dickens. So having a daily practice of self inquiry is key to healing and lessening the tendency to ignite the inner saboteurs. While self-inquiry takes discipline there are many forms that will work; pick one (or a combo) that you love and give yourself to it with all your heart! For example: meditation, yoga, walking the labyrinth, moving meditation, shamanic dance, sitting and chanting, or just getting on your knees. You will be amazed at how the sincere devotion and attention you give yourself and the divine within you holds the power to ground you and give you real hope, in such a way that true love and joy will shine in you and through you, a beacon of the divine!

For more about how to start the practice of self-inquiry, go to www.maryannelive.com.

This article was originally published at Maryanne Live . Reprinted with permission.
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