Pray For an Experience of Holiness to Remove All Your Doubt


Pray For an Experience of Holiness to Remove All Your Doubt
We have four distinct different approaches to Spirit Guidance. Which is yours?

• The truly radical response is the internal action.  It happens when Spirit coaching or your own inner guidance meets an open door of acceptance that the ego-mind cannot manipulate in that moment. 
    - There is a simple readiness. 
     - The result is always radical and solid
     - It is met with a clear intimate response from Spirit.

The other day a client reported just such a simple but powerful experience.  In the past I have often heard her bitter complaint of what she describes as the ‘tedium’ of life, amplified by her acute awareness of her ever-present ego-mind monitoring the details of her life, as in our culture it is well-trained to do.

Following a number of months of a daily ritual of intimate connection with Spirit through prayer, she noticed a subtle but positive effect on her day.  She was hungry for more. She was ready to open a door to acceptance and action within herself.

From that place of inner hunger, her response to the Spirit coaching, “go to place in nature and “hang out’ with Spirit there” was radical acceptance and action.  No ego-mind. No pondering.

And Spirit’s response to her was intimate, direct and powerful.

She described it:  “Even on the way there my whole body was vibrating.  When I arrived and sat down, the air was cold and there was a chilly wind, but I was quite warm.  Then I heard the Power.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  I think of myself as a visual person, but I heard the Power.  It went on for quite a while.  It was so strong.  Some fear came up.  So I breathed deeply to stay present.  I stayed with it until some children came by where I was.  Then it was complete.  I also saw colors in the sea I had never seen.  I heard the Power. “

She continued.  “I understand now.  It is a Mystery, completely beyond the mind.  A profound emptiness that is utterly full.  I wasn’t ready before.  Now I am.  It feels good to be ready. I have made a commitment.  It is for the rest of my life.”

On the outside, her life looks pretty much the same to a casual observer:

• same relationship,
• same job,
• same finances,
• same daily tasks, etc.” 

Yet her experience of those outer realities is subtly but radically transformed.

• Her response to every other aspect of her life has a new and different “ring.”  
• Her inner life is now resting on a foundation that is more solid than bedrock.
• She has a knowing that is all her own.
She has directly experienced who she truly is - the Power of the love that she is.

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Maryanna Bock


Mayanna Bock, M. Ed., L.C.S.W.

Inspirational Fine Artist, Counselor, Light Coach, ordained minister in the Congregation of Spiitually Evolving Pilgrims and often called 'wise woman'.  (art website) (services website)

Location: West Bath, ME
Credentials: LCSW, Med
Specialties: Empowering Women, Spiritual, Life Transitions
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