Why Breathing Is A Miracle


Why Breathing Is A Miracle
Hold your breath — and realize how amazing it is.

To be fully aware of our breath is so amazing! To be aware of the air moving in and then moving out, to just be, with no effort to change or alter it. It changes on its own and becomes fuller and deeper. The whole body is a wave as it happens; I allow my breath to deeply massage every part of the substance I refer to as ‘my’ body. In that moment there is no comprehension of "my." 

These very molecules of air that move in and out of "my" body in this moment have done this same exchange in another moment with every other living thing on earth throughout all time. It's so intimate. Moving in and out of all those living bodies, so close to every soul.  The movement, the rhythm, the awareness of energy moving, which may send a leg spontaneously into involuntary movement. It jerks, it lets go and it relaxes. Again the energy builds, the leg jerks, and I can relax even deeper. Such sweetness! 

Maryanna Bock is a life coach & counselor, spiritual artist, and some say ‘wise woman.’ I offer Guide Service for the Soul to a wide community of beautiful souls.

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Maryanna Bock


Mayanna Bock, M. Ed., L.C.S.W.

Inspirational Fine Artist, Counselor, Light Coach, ordained minister in the Congregation of Spiitually Evolving Pilgrims and often called 'wise woman'.

www.maryannabock.com  (art website)

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Location: West Bath, ME
Credentials: LCSW, Med
Specialties: Empowering Women, Spiritual, Life Transitions
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