10 Surprising Places To Meet LGBT Singles


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Tired of online dating? Try something new!

5. Travel events and conferences. Seems like a no-brainer right? Well, because it is but have you thought about it? Consider LGBT travel like Olivia Cruises is celebrating 40 years as the lesbian destination for travel and vacation fun. Eco-travel company Sweet is new to the ranks for lesbians but it's a great concept to be vacationing with a gaggle of gay girls and also making a difference for the environment, children or animals in a community you are visiting.

There's a great LGBT family focused business called R Family Vacations that caters to LGBT families and single LGBT people with kids. And yes, LGBT travel events are great places to meet other single parents. We all want our kids to be in environments that are positive and affirming for them. 

A favorite of mine is a special annual summer event called Camp Camp. It's summer camp for the LGBT community. The summer camp you dreamed about as a kid is here for you as an adult. How about conferences?  If you're into it, there is probably a conference with your special LGBT interest being held somewhere. Here are a few to consider:

Are you starting to see the theme here? Google your LGBT interest and see what shows up.

6. Networks. And that means www.meetup.com plus more. This is one of my favorite resources for finding community, dates and just something to do where you live. Meetup.com has recently made it unusually painful to search their site these days so use my "go to" search source, Google.

Finding a group is just a Google search away. I typed in "transgender meetup groups" and there were three million hits. Now I'm pretty sure there aren't three million meetup groups for transgender folk out there, but it tells me that from Canada to Florida, Texas to Australia and beyond you're out there and connections can be made.

What makes meetup.com so special? Well many of the groups are absolutely free to join. Well-run groups have multiple organizers and event planners with lots of things going on, making it easy to meet LGBT folks and it's a very safe way to connect. Keep Reading ...

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