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Personal Development Coach & Life Coach: Be Your Best Self
Connect with a great coach: you can even do it through video chat.
It can be hard to self-motivate. Use a coaching professional to whip yourself into shape.

Sound great? Here's how it works: life coaching often takes place by phone or Skype. This approach allows for ease of scheduling and means that you can work with a great coach from anywhere in the world; you're not limited to someone local. These sessions are typically short — it helps you stay focused and on task. Coaching Best Practices call for two to four sessions per month that last between 20 to 60 minutes. The sessions are about determining strategy for next steps to get to your goals. Between calls, you're taking action to execute your strategies.

My clients now bring me questions and issues about everything: being blocked about what steps they need to take to reach a goal, how to negotiate a change in a relationship, how to deal with significant life changes or how to just deal with the choices those changes open up.

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I work as a dating coach at but I also do life coaching, executive and business coaching, and relationship coaching. I use a strategic intervention process that's based on a proven process. I have certifications in coaching from both the Relationship Coaching Institute and the Robbins-Madanes Coaching Program along with an assessment called DiSC that gives insights into your specific personality type and how to then effectively relate to people who have different personalities. It's powerful at home and in the workplace.

How can you tell if you're working with a good coach? Good coaches are trained. They follow a systematic approach that helps you create real results.  A skilled coach helps you navigate toward a more engaging and compelling future by drawing on your strengths and your vision for your life. 

As a coach, it's my job to push you, pull you and help you stretch to achieve your dreams. I teach you to ask better questions, break faulty thinking patterns and take control of your emotions so they no longer control you. It's a powerful experience when you reach a goal and realize that you've developed a new muscle! Coaching is a way to see life as an opportunity; to not get stuck on the same old obstacles that show up for everyone (because by the way, you're not alone!).

Most coaches take a practical, professional and business-like approach. I also incorporate some spiritual practices as a vehicle for clients to get grounded in their own body. I believe it makes for better decisions and I want my clients to know they can bring their whole self into the coaching relationship. I like to bridge the gap and invite the client's whole self to join in the coaching relationship: the emotional, the spiritual and the pragmatic.

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Life coaching can be the game changer you've been looking for. It's more than a friendly conversation; it's about accountability and results. A well-trained and experienced life coach knows how to help you achieve your goals. Take the step today. Stop waiting to create the change you want. Invest now in creating a future you've always imagined.

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