'Blue Is The Warmest Color': Is Lesbian Love In Movies Realistic?


'Blue Is The Warmest Color': lesbian sex in movies
The Cannes winner may not be realistic, but there are plenty of lesbian movies about love that are.

Nicole Conn, who wrote and directed the movie, and Marina Rice Bader, its executive producer, won an award for the film at the LA Femme International Film Festival in 2012. This movie also has lesbian sex scenes, but without the drama of the "scissor sex" scene in Blue Is The Warmest Color.

A third amazingly beautiful love story that was released in the last couple of years is Cloudburst starring Olympia Dukakis. Again, not a lesbian, but an Oscar-winning actor who brought so much passion and scrappiness to this delightful film of an aging lesbian couple who just want to get married, and went on a wild adventure to make it happen. Delightful. 


So if you're in need of a lesbian movie fix, I recommend that you check out Cloudburst and A Perfect Ending. They can both be streamed online through WolfeOnDemand. While Blue Is The Warmest Color won't even hit theaters until October, you don't have to wait to see some great lesbian films.

Now, if you haven't yet become a serious viewer of lesbian films because they haven't been easily available where you live, that problem is over. Streaming films over the Internet to your computer or even television is simple to do. Rev up your connection to lesbian community, schedule a romantic dinner date and take advantage of how technology is making the world a smaller place.

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