Women Need Time To Get Their Sexy On


Women Need Time To Get Their Sexy On
  • A healthy woman check is a must. Many women get their check-up each year and report that their doctor didn’t find anything unusual. Most likely this was because you were embarrassed to tell them you have never had an orgasm, don’t want or like sex, or that you are having marital issues. These are important and real issues and they must be addressed to have a stable healthy marriage.
  • If you don’t know your body, chances are high that your partner will have difficulty pleasing you. It is also likely that you will dismiss the importance of sex. If you uncomfortable with exploring your body go to the website www.middlesexmd.com. This is a web site that was started by an OB/GYN physician and specializes in women over the age of thirty five with sexual needs. I am an expert for them; and I believe they are excellent in helping save women’s sexual health as well as their marriages.
  • Try taking up yoga or an exercise which relives stress and helps you feel stronger. Women who begin feeling stronger also become more confident. With confidence comes an improved body image.
  • Reframe your thinking that sex is for men. It is for YOU. In fact women benefit more so then men. For women, having sex not only makes us feel more connected, but it controls our ability to manage stress. Due to the way we multi task, stress and anger are emotions we feel and usually dismiss every day. Sex helps us purge both in a healthy way.
  • The next time your partner wants to have sex, give them your sexiest look, and tell them you would love to if they will call the sitter and allow you time to get your “sexy” on. While getting ready listen to music that puts you in the mood, and dress in a way you feel beautiful.

TV sex is not real sex. Nor is the sex you see on the internet, or IPHONES. That’s called porn. Real sex is the stuff that happens when you love someone, and holding their hand makes you feel special and loved. Real sex is the kind that happens in the bedroom when the kids are upstairs napping, or on a Sunday afternoon during half time. It’s the kind that builds with a relationship of trust and caring.  Unfortunately after marriage it is also the kind that women become less and less excited about. Men are
not the problem, ladies. We have to own our sexuality before we can realize how important it is not only to our man but for ourselves. –Mary Jo Rapini

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