When Sibling Rivalry Becomes Sibling Bullying


Parenting Tips for Sibling Rivalry
Brothers and sisters will always fight, but when does it become dangerous?

3. Get both of your children involved in activities that will help them physically work out their frustration or stress, like non-contact sports, hikes or backyard play.

4. Never compare your children to one another out loud or within earshot. Some children are very sensitive to this, and it can increase jealousy and mistrust — of each other, and of you.


5. Have one area in your home where kids can talk about issues in a constructive manner. If you hear bickering in their rooms, take them to the prescribed location, like a kitchen table. Setting up a time each evening for them to bicker in the "public" sphere can help minimize the behavior. 

6. Never referee the fighting or conflict. As much as you can, try to stay out of it. Participating gives the impression that you support the behavior.

Parents who teach healthy communication and conflict resolution skills are gifting their children and generations to come. Home is where the heart is, and the heart should feel safe. Children who grow up in a positive, supportive environment are given the tools they need to grow into successful adults. 


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