Razzle, Dazzle, may leave you feeling frazzled for the Holidays


Razzle, Dazzle, may leave you feeling frazzled for the Holidays
It's okay to say "NO." It's okay not to wrap, cook, or give the most beautiful gift. Enough's enough

7. Stay within your budget. There is nothing more depressing than the financial blues after the holidays. You can prevent this by staying within your means. The best gifts have one thing in common—the card you wrote that accompanied the gift. Most of my most precious gifts were not the gift itself. It was the note that accompanied it. The more transparent and real the note, the more likely it will be the BEST gift ever.
8. Each day make the holiday season representative of your life. Take one aspect of your life that you are most grateful for and do one small action that represents that. For example, list the things you are most grateful for. Tomorrow, if your partner is on that list, do one really special thing for that person. That may be as simple as picking up a coffee for them, making breakfast for them, or giving them a shoulder massage. You will feel so much better if you focus on what matters in your life instead of getting sucked in to what commercials tell you is important.
9. Whatever or whoever God is to you…keep his omnipotence in your festivities. Without God, the whole season seems very superficial and crazy to me.
10. The holiday season is a time of memories for almost everyone. If those memories are painful and you find yourself becoming depressed, then a visit to your doctor must be number one on your new and improved to-do list. Depression is not a weakness, it is an illness.
This is a beautiful and sacred time of the year, but it is you who adds the beauty and sacredness. Make sure you take the time this year to put “you” and what you value most into your holiday season. Your family and friends won’t remember the razzle dazzle, but they will remember your smile, grace, and embrace long after the last decoration is packed away. –Mary Jo Rapini

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