I love you, but am not IN LOVE with you.


I love you, but am not IN LOVE with you.
Feel like your relationship is stagnant? Do you blame your partner for the lack of passion?

3. Get active. When you are out of shape you can become “old” before your time. Getting the blood pumping makes you more energetic and youthful. Passion is difficult to feel if you feel fluffy and frumpy.
4. Get a make-over. Both men and women need to take care of themselves. Letting yourself go does nothing for your love life.
5. Search out new music. Begin playing it and moving your body to it. Many times we numb ourselves and disconnect from our bodies. Moving your body to music rhythms is an easy way to get back in touch.
6. Invest in and buy sex toys, powders, lotions, and massage oils. Getting active in the bedroom and scheduling rendezvous are an excellent way to add passion to your marriage.
7. Begin having sex in places other than your traditional bedroom. The most beautiful bedroom gets boring after awhile. A new room or environment adds a spark to even the dullest relationship.
8. When you are feeling distant from your partner many times it is because you are bored with yourself. Projecting onto your spouse that it is their fault and you aren’t in love with them is lazy and cruel. Do your own work. Throw yourself into something you are interested in, instead of throwing yourself into another relationship.

I love you but am not in love with you” should never signify an end to a marriage. It does signify that changes need to be made. It is an opportunity to begin something new and to empower the relationship. The deepest most satisfying relationships are the ones where both people want to keep evolving and growing with each other. It may take more effort, but the results are priceless. –Mary Jo Rapini

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