Empowerment not abstinence prevents teen pregnancy


Empowerment not abstinence prevents teen pregnancy
Empowering girls helps them make better sexual choices than teaching abstinence. Read more for tips.

My brand is empowering women and the men who love them, so I was naturally drawn to a study published in the Journal of Sex that suggested empowered women have less sex than women who are dominated by men. The study was done at Johns Hopkins University, which is a school that has an outstanding academic record for students and faculty alike. With all studies, it depends where they are done, and in this case the subjects were in Africa. Researchers surveyed women from six African countries and the results showed the more dominant the women (in Africa dominant means they can choose their own shampoo, toothpaste, and shoes), the less physical intimacy they shared with their partners. The study was really testing the decisions that a woman could make on her own instead of asking her husband. The findings showed that more dominant and assertive women had approximately 100 times less sex.

Some women may be discouraged with this news, but I am elated! Research has shown that the more empowered women become, the more cautious they are with engaging in sex. Men, on the other hand, take more chances and engage in riskier sexual encounters when they feel better about themselves. In Africa, for women to have sex frequently and submissively is a death sentence. It makes sense that if women feel good about themselves, they will be pickier and decide to use appropriate protection. The HIV prevalence rate in these countries is anywhere from 5% to 14%. In some African nations, it is more likely a woman will have an increased chance of getting HIV after marriage. This is not true in the United States.

Do empowered women have less sex with their husbands in the United States? Like all things, we have to define “empowered.” I describe empowered as being educated, aware, and knowledgeable about your body, emotions, and sexuality. I believe the more that girls/women focus on their interests instead of gaining the security of a boy/man, the more likely they will be able to be a loving, equal partner who can co-lead a family and offer stability within the marriage. Raising children and working at a healthy marriage takes two people. Women who are unsatisfied with their role make their partner’s life miserable. Blaming your partner because you aren’t knowledgeable about your body and what makes it feel good is unfair and irresponsible. Women who feel good about their bodies have better (frequency is not measure of better) sex in their marriage because they feel equal to their partner and understand the health benefits of sex.

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