Did your Valentine Cheat?


Did your Valentine Cheat?
Cheating is one of the worst things you can do to the one you love. It is possible to mend the hurt.

4. You can only heal if you can begin to forgive each other. This sounds like advice from your mom, dad, or a clergy person. It is so true though. No one lives in a vacuum, especially one’s spouse. When one spouse is cheating the other spouse senses it whether or not they chose to deal with it. Many times the non-cheating spouse will medicate with food and gain weight, or alcohol and become a drunk. Although this doesn’t help them deal with the cheating spouse it does help them stay numb and enables the cheating spouse.
5. Lastly, you need to think of the family. Who will benefit if this marriage stays together? Who is damaged if this marriage stays together? There are cheaters who cheat due to an unresolved issue from their childhood. If you think you can cure this…you are dreaming.
If you have been cheated on I am really sorry. For anyone who has ever cheated I am really sorry too. You have the ability to make this an opportunity to grow closer in your relationship while healing from an affair. Take your time to reflect about everyone involved before you throw him or her out.
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