Having It All: 5 Tips To Getting What You Value Most


Having It All: 5 Tips To Getting What You Value Most
For all behavior there's a consequence, but most of us get what we value most.This article offers 5

I think the question, “Can women have it all” needs to change with the times. Over a lifetime, most people get what they value most. Below are some suggestions to help you achieve what you value most. For most women, that is the true “having it all.”
1. Choosing the right partner is one of the most important choices you will ever make, so choose wisely, and put your time and effort into your choice after you choose it.
2. If you choose to have children, understand the consequences that come with that choice. If you want your child raised by you, then you are going to have to make sacrifices with your career, social life, and your body.
3. If you chose the right partner, then they will want to help support your values and you theirs. That means sharing of chores, helping each other out with childcare, and nurturing the relationships will not be an additional stressor you have to deal with.
4. If your health is compromised due to your lack of taking responsibility or time for it, then the whole family loses and so do your dreams. Being a super model or marathon runner is great, but you achieve that at a cost to something else. If you go for a four-hour run on Saturday morning and you have chosen a great partner, this could be his “dad time.” Everything takes time, and every behavior has a consequence. Do what you and your partner value most.
5. If your inner need to be it all, have everything, and prove something to yourself is so strong that you will use drugs or alcohol to achieve it, then your inner thoughts need readjusting. This can best be done through counseling.
I don’t think the question is, “Can women have it all?” I think the question is, “Will I know it and appreciate it when I have it all?” –Mary Jo Rapini

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