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How To NOT Get An Erection

Sex Therapy can be complicated. Fortunately, sometimes it isn’t. About three months ago my patient Sam finally started dating again after his wife left him last summer. After a few nondescript experiences, he met Yolanda, they hit it off, and a few weeks later he found himself in bed with her. Two days ...

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Pain-Free Sex for Dad

Most men know that women sometimes experience pain during sex. But many women don’t know that men can experience pain during sex, too. And I don’t just mean the emotional pain of not getting an erection or of climaxing quickly. A small number of men experience pain during sex for serious reasons, ...

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Porn Addict Or Selfish Jerk? Life's More Complicated Than That

I’m seeing an epidemic of “porn addiction” in my office. Not of porn addiction, but of “porn addiction.” Here’s how it looks: Wife/girlfriend somehow assumes that husband/boyfriend does NOT watch porn (guess that’s what she means by “he’s one in a ...

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Dr. Marty Klein

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Articles by Dr. Marty Klein

How To NOT Get An Erection

Some men & women still don't realize: both physical & mental stimulation are necessary for erection.

Pain-Free Sex for Dad

Sex can be painful for men, too. Here's how--and what to do about it

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Porn Addict Or Selfish Jerk? Life's More Complicated Than That

If he watches porn, is he necessarily selfish or sick? Maybe it's something else.

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America's War on Sex: The Attack on Law, Lust and Liberty (Sex, Love, and Psychology)
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