13 Surprisingly Sexy Gestures That Qualify As Foreplay

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sexy gestures that qualify as foreplay
Challenge #19: Turn each other on in one of these unexpected ways.

Make one of your partner's lifelong wishes come true. Show him/her how you are attuned to him. Play detective by listening to cues from regular conversations you have with your partner such as "My mother used to make the best chocolate cake" or "I've always wanted to go skiing." These kind of comments give you important information about your partner's dreams ... so then, make them come true! Surprises are like gifts. It's not about pleasing ourselves; it's about giving our partners what they want. —Marta Rocha

Follow through on promises made. Be a partner who inspires trust and respect. This creates a genuine, natural warmth and desire in him for you that keeps his heart open and his hormones charged. And remember, this equation works both ways. The truth is, when a woman is respectfully clear, direct about what she needs and wants, the man in her life feels more comfortable, confident and secure in the relationship. Keep the trust and he won't want to be anywhere else. —Michelle Morand


Write love letters to your partner. Today, we think that writing letters is a thing of the past; however, it's a gesture that shows how invested you are in the relationship and how important this person is to you. Every three months, write a letter to your partner about the great moments both of you have experienced together and how you have grown stronger as a couple. This ensures that both of you are on the same track and offers an opportunity to discuss topics that may have not been resolved between the two of you. —Marta Rocha

Make breakfast in bed. This isn't so original, but it still carries lots of weight on many different levels. Wake up early (letting him sleep in) and cook up a breakfast of his favorite foods. You're sending the message that he deserves some pampering. If you also wear something sexy as you serve the breakfast, it's bound to be a total hit! —Karen Sherman

Set up an adventurous date. Get out of the routine of going to restaurants and the movies, and plan a fun adventure together such as zip-lining or rock-climbing. Fun creates deep pleasure and laughter, leading to a greater sense of safety with our partners. When you feel safe in your relationship, you start to relax and feel comfortable, creating the perfect environment for true intimacy. —Marta Rocha

Share a steamy bath. On a cool day, draw a bath with her favorite bath salts when she gets home from work? To tease each other, pretend you aren't lovers. Kiss a shoulder, give a back rub with a soapy cloth, have a radio playing romantic music near the tub, but deny yourselves overtly sexual touch while you lounge in the tub for 20 minutes. If either of you are tempted to go beyond the platonic fantasy, dry each other off and let your hands wander ... —Moreah Vestan

Support your partner's interests and hobbies. Just because you share different interests to change that doesn't mean you're no longer compatible as a couple. Nevertheless, in order to maintain closeness, it's important to support and encourage your partner's interests and hobbies through encouraging words, giving him time and space to engage in those activities, and for you to be supportive by being physically present. If your partner enjoys playing basketball, cheer him on at his next game. By supporting and encouraging him, you will create a stronger connection between the two of you. —Marta Rocha

Write erotic notes to each other. Sit down with a pen and paper and write notes to each other beginning with this sentence: "When I think about sex with you, I feel ... " Don't stop for 10 minutes. Then, each of you take turns reading your sentences aloud in a teasing voice. —Moreah Vestan

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