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5 Stress-Free Places To Meet For A First Date

Gone are the days of going to an expensive restaurant on a first date. Do you really want to spend so much time and money on someone you don't even  know? What if you don't have a connection? Then, you're out of money and out of luck. It's best to go to an expensive spot, get to know your ...

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How God Changed My Heart

My journey from uncaring to loving was a difficult one. I had a pretty rough upbringing as a child. All I really cared about was myself and I brought that attitude into my future relationships with women. It was all about me and if you couldn't deal with it, ...

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Warning Signs For Online Daters

Here's a few tips to consider when dating online: •Avoid sharing your real name, email address, place of work, address, phone number or other identifying ...

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Blessings Come in Many Forms

After attending an event in San Francisco on my birthday(February 23), I decided to take BART home. When I arrived on the train, I noticed there were no seats available. I found myself getting angry and complaining to myself about the situation. Moments later, I noticed a man with cerebral palsy enter the train. ...

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5 Stress-Free Places To Meet For A First Date

Stress-free dating spots where singles can connect.

Change Ahead

How God Changed My Heart

My journey from uncaring to loving.

Yes No Maybe

Warning Signs For Online Daters

Clear red flags for online dating.


Blessings Come in Many Forms

Appreciate God's Grace.

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