Working Your Relationships at Work


Working Your Relationships at Work
Our Life Coach, Lyndsay Katauskas, discusses tress and communication in the workplace.

Previously, women lived in organic and connected communities engaged in rearing both their own and their neighbor’s children. The constant state of nurturing, and connecting through talking, incorporating one another in decision making, and helping one another out with similar tasks gave a constant flood of oxytocin. Not so today.

Today’s world is now so fast-paced, and full of daily low-grade stressors, both men and women have excess cortisol (fight or flight hormone) constantly in their bodies. When there is a constant flood of cortisol the body is unable to manufacture enough of the stress reducing hormones. Both disease and infertility are on the rise due to both genders at the end of the day being unable to re-generate enough stress reducing hormones to live a long, well-balanced life. All of these issues go back to one thing only, and that is how the current expectations of male-oriented patterns impact the quality of relationships both at work and at home. It should not be a question of women assimilating into a "man's" world. It should be a question of how we can alter the culture in the corporate arena to best embrace the unique styles of gender communications to have the most productive and efficient company.


If men and women paid attention to the unique way they reduce their own stress, and respected the opposite sexes preferred method to reduce stress many problems would be solved.

Unfortunately, while women are constantly producing testosterone while at work, when they get ready to come home after a hard day they are unable to produce their stress reducing hormone, oxytocin, because of the excess testosterone and high levels of cortisol. When women are rushed, or when expectations are attached for her to nurture or give (instead of doing so freely) oxytocin is inhibited. When women get home, their stress levels continue to rise limiting oxytocin production. So while men are able to begin rejuvenating their stress reducing hormone (testosterone) when they stop work for the day, women are unable based on their physiology to increase their stress-reducing hormone (oxytocin). This is a problem we must fix. We need to let men rest, and let women nurture and be nurtured while at work and at home.

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