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Mars, Venus, Dating and Intuition

What do you do after a break up? How can you trust your intuition?

After getting out of a relationship, sometimes the thought of getting back into a relationship remains just that, a thought. We can become immobilized with indecision, because we fear that we’ll make a character mistake again, or that we won’t listen and honor the nudges from our intuition telling us if she or he’s good for us or not. So how do we discern which little voice in our head is our intuition speaking, and which voices are just that—noises of self-loathing, self-derision, self-denial, self-absorption, and self-esteem?

Mars Venus often finds when one relationship ends, we find ourselves going over its demise with a fine tooth comb, trying to figure out who to blame for our anything but fairytale ending. Often, the only true answers we can find are the ones that come from within ourselves—our memory and our interpretation of what happened. And at the very heart of this is our trust. Is it still intact? Do we trust our “self” not to make a mistake again? Can we trust other people enough to be vulnerable again?...Read More 

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