Mars Venus asks “How Much should you Give of yourself?”


Mars Venus asks “How Much should you Give of yourself?”
How much have you changed to make your relationship work?

Did you ever ask yourself “how much is a relationship really worth? “ Am I really in love with this person? “If I found myself without a partner, would I survive?” Ok that last one was a little melodramatic but you get the point. Mars Venus recognizes, seems more likely than not, women are more likely to change and bend to make a relationship work. In the process, losing themselves and ultimately losing their individuality. There’s a fine line between picking your battles and sacrificing the lamb.

Your friends can notice tell tale signs and good friend will try to warn you. I can tell you from experience, neither work. Only you can make that decision and sometimes it comes too late and, at times, at a high price. Mars Venus always suggests coaching sessions, there are things you need to do at home to keep your individuality intact. It’s very important to do things separate from the couple situation. Hang out with your female friends or join a group or a women’s club. These are simple solutions that keep you from becoming totally dependent on one person causing you to lose precious freedom.   Read More

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