Love in the “Likes” of FaceBook


Love in the “Likes” of FaceBook

Mars Venus Coaching talks about social media and relationships. Today we use social media like FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter to check on the lives of many people whom we call family and “friends.” Our relationships run the gamut of son or daughter, to best friends from high school, college drinking buddies, alumni, acquaintances, co-workers, bosses, exes, and the nebulous is he or isn’t she my boyfriend/girlfriend? Does this mean we are more socially adept than our grandparent’s time, because we have a wider circle of “friends?” Or do we need a reality check on what it is we’re doing when we use social media to communicate with others?

When we are dating and searching for love—the “like” status can become a reign of terror if we’re still figuring out where we stand in our relationships.


The simplest way to make sure your posts are not misinterpreted is to always be congruent. Make sure your thoughts match your feelings, which then match your actions (or posts). The same goes with whoever you’d like to be dating (or to be friends with too). If there is not congruency, then the ocean is as wide as it is deep as far as room for misinterpretation, disagreements, hurt feelings, and fights goes. Unless you “like” the drama, social media should enhance being able to stay connected to those people important to you, not make it a melting pot for spats, confusion, and emotional turmoil.

Pay Attention to ME, not How Are YOU?

There is also a very interesting phenomenon going on when we post content about our lives online. Our purpose of posting is not to connect with other people; it is to update them about what we are doing. It’s all about us. It is typically one-way communication, and very me-centered. People reply based on whether or not they see the post, and if they feel like writing, or clicking on a button saying they “like” your status. There is no social etiquette that says if we read a post we have to comment. The “like” status saves us the trouble of finding something witty to say…but what else? Wiggle room to believe what we want?

Let me ask that a different way. What does it mean when someone who you’ve been casually dating, “likes” your status? Need more background? Currently you are not hanging out, because you’re giving each other space to date other people. The agreement was somewhat mutual. The assumed meaning behind the “like” could change depending on whose turn it is to come out of the cave (guys) or to check back in after spending time connecting with the girls. Most likely it is different depending on your sex. It could also be different based on the intention behind checking on the other person.

“Liking” is Different for Guys and Girls

For guys…during the getting-to-know you phase when you still may be dating other girls, and you’re not yet exclusive—it could mean, hey, I’m thinking of you, don’t count me out yet.

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