Easter Traditions from Childhood to Adulthood


Easter Traditions from Childhood to Adulthood
How do traditions affect us as children and which stay with us as adults?

If you’re still figuring out who you are, and where you fit, and who you want to spend the rest of your life with holidays’ are the perfect time to reminisce about what is important to you to carry on. This goes way beyond searching and getting the perfect Easter outfit. Continuing and then establishing tradition in your new relationships calls us not to speed through life, but to stop and reflect on what is most important to us: the connections we have in our relationships.

The challenge for me as my son becomes more cognizant of the world as it exists outside of his fragile body is to pass on the tradition of what Easter bonnets means to me, while uniquely melding my husband’s spring traditions into what it is for our family. When we are able to infuse meaning behind routines, then we pass on a rich, vibrant history that stays with children as they grow and throughout their lives. Carrying on our traditions even though Easter bonnets and kid gloves may currently be out of fashion will strengthen who we are and become even more important to us as we raise our family. As the buds unfurl, and flowers brightly spring forth through the dead ground cover don’t underestimate the power traditions hold over us. Honoring family traditions reminds us what is most important to remember and pass on to our loved ones, be they in our new families or in our daily interactions in new relationships. We’re establishing our roots in the world, and the deeper our roots go, the more pliable and resilient we’ll be in life to handle all the seasons. Stay true to your childhood sense of wonder and innocence; this is what makes you who you are today, and will help you navigate through what’s important in life and who you want by your side.

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