1 Way to Find Love on Valentines


1 Way to Find Love on Valentines
Valentine's day can be a day of frustration for many people. Learn how to be loved regardless.

     Time Period                       Love Vitamin      Love Need
1.  Conception to birth             Vitamin G1         God’s love
2.  Birth to seven                      Vitamin P1         Parents’ love
3.  Seven to fourteen                Vitamin F           Family, friends, & fun
4.  Fourteen to twenty-one        Vitamin P2         Peers & others with similar goals
5.  Twenty-one to twenty-eight  Vitamin S           Self-love
6.  Twenty-eight to thirty-five     Vitamin R           Relationships & romance
7.  Thirty-five to forty-two           Vitamin D           Loving a dependent
8.  Forty-two to forty-nine           Vitamin C           Giving back to community
9.  Forty-nine to fifty-six             Vitamin W           Giving back to the world
10. Fifty-six and beyond            Vitamin G2          Serving God

When couples experience tension the root cause is one or both of the individuals have neglected to nurture their “self” first. Remember when the plane is going down, put the oxygen on yourself first so you don’t pass out before helping others.


The same goes if you are single and want to be dating. Learn how to fill these love needs by yourself before you jump into a relationship and falsely expect the other person to do the hard work for you. The love vitamin where most people become deficient is: self-love. This mostly has to do with our society’s belief that our romantic relationships should fulfill our every love need.

People in truly healthy and happy relationships, however, know, practice, and understand the individuals in the relationship have to practice self-love before they’re able to tend to the needs of their mate, their kids, and other obligations they take on as they go through life.

Solution: Consume Needed Love Vitamin

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