Boys Buying Bling: 5 things guys get wrong shopping for jewelry


Boys Buying Bling: 5 things guys get wrong shopping for jewelry

Mistake #4: Size matters: It sounds counterintuitive to a guy, but when it comes to selecting jewelry to impress a woman, bigger is not always better. Unlike guys, a woman’s ability to detect quality jewelry is basically imbedded in her DNA. While terms like cut, clarity, color and carat weight are totally foreign to guys (unless you’re talking cuts of meat), women know them practically from birth. Ask any woman and she’ll tell you that, when it comes to jewelry, she’ll take quality over quantity any day. Fortunately for guys, crash courses in jewelry 101 are abundant on the internet and are highly recommended before venturing into any jewelry store.

Mistake #5: All Jewelry Stores are alike: When you bought that special set of wrenches did you just go to Tools-R-Us and call it a day? Of course not. Chances are you did some comparison shopping to find a friendly reliable dealer who offered the best price and selection. If you went to all that trouble for tools, why be a tool when picking out her special gift?


Although the sparkle of their display windows may say otherwise, all jewelry stores are not the same. That means doing some homework and legwork to find the best place to make your purchase. For starters, go back online and compare the sites of stores in your area. Once you’ve got a short list, pay each store a visit until you find the one that suits you best.

Guy Alert: Under no circumstances should you take your significant other with you on your first visit to the jewelry store, especially if you intend to make a major purchase. Remember, this is your opportunity to get comfortable with the staff and find out which items are in your price range. Then, if you decide to bring her back with you, she’ll be impressed as the person behind the counter greets you like a dignitary; and you’ll be relieved to be directed only to those cases which contain the turned over price tags of items you know you can afford.

So there you have it guys. By steering clear of these 5 major mistakes you should end up with a gift that fits both the occasion and the comfort level of your relationship. Oh, and one final tip. Lose the left over pizza.

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