Why He Didn't Ask You Out On A Second Date


Why He Didn't Ask You Out On A Second Date
How to steer clear of the mistakes you didn't even know you were making.

2. The “Get Home Safe” text
The bottom line is this: It is not your responsibility to make sure your date gets home safely. Once you have expressed your gratitude for the date, lauded him with praise regarding the perfect setting and delicious desserts, it is your job to simply end the date with an encouraging smile. (if, in fact, you want to have a 2nd date). Do not text him 30 minutes later to tell him his “smile is awesome,” or “I haven’t enjoyed a date like this in a very long time.” The response most men will have to this type of communication (whether conscious or unconscious) is “YIKES.” Men need to have room to pursue you. Give him space. Give him time. And be patient. Not only does this approach emit feminine energy, it enables you to experience the joy of being pursued.

3. “Come on in!”
If a gentleman is taking you out on Friday night and drives to your residence to pick you up for the date, do not take control of the evening and invite him in for appetizers, a glass of wine, or simply to “hang” while you finish getting ready. The truth is that a true gentleman does not want to be taken off course. When you invite him in he gets slightly confused, perhaps even agitated as the man who is truly looking for a quality long-term relationship wants to take you on the date HE planned. He wants you to be on time, and does not want to have to get into battling with himself over what this “detour” could possibly mean. Do you want to skip dinner to get frisky? Will this mean you are late for your reservations? Keep it simple, let him be in control, and avoid putting yourself into the dangerous territory of sending a possibly mixed message.

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