What to Talk about with a Guy You Like


What to Talk about with a Guy You Like
At a loss for words when that hot guy comes around? Learn what to talk about with a guy you like, br

You may want to skip talking about the weather, but the new iPhone? Perfectly acceptable. If he’s into technology, he might want to share his thoughts on Apple’s marketshare or the fact that iPhone 5 has removed Google Maps.

If he’s talking, that’s great news. Ask him his opinions, give your own, and be conscious of keeping the conversation balanced. If you know he likes sports (and maybe you do too), ask him about his favorite team and tell him yours. Oh, what’s that you say? Those teams are playing each other next week? Hello! This could be a potential date for him to ask you out!


4. Let it flow. Sometimes you don’t have to take control of the conversation entirely!
Sometimes letting him take the lead is your best option. Answer his questions, smile often, and make direct eye contact. Say his name a few times while you’re talking. (Two is good!) Touch his arm occasionally and listen actively. If you remember something from the last time the two of you saw each other, ask him about it.

Be yourself and get comfortable. If there happens to be a moment of silence, don’t scramble to fill it. Relax and let him do the work! What a great opportunity to practice receiving, being “taken care of,” and listening. While it may feel uncomfortable at first, there is great joy in being part of a conversation rather than the director.

Talking to a guy you like doesn’t have to be hard work. Relax, make it fun and learn some new things about the man you’re interested in. If you get stuck, check the tips above. We think you’re going to be just fine.

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