Single Life: How To Have Sex Without Regrets


Single Life: How To Have Sex Without Regrets
How to have regret-free sex in a new relationship.

If you know that in order to feel good about your decisions regarding sex, your potential partners have to respect certain boundaries you set and meet your needs consistently over time, no matter how hot he or she is, you will not fall into the "chemistry" trap that impacted your past. It is so easy for both men and women to bring past hurts, disappointments and beliefs from the past into the present. A woman who dates with dignity, however, is always in control, which ultimately reduces the possibility that she will make decisions she may regret later. The result? A woman who is confident, makes good choices, and enjoys sex free of guilt and regret. How To Combat Post-Sex Regret

3. Feel satisfied when sex is over.
A woman who understands and feels good about herself, will not experience regret once the act of sex is complete. Whether he leaves right away, the next morning, or it turns into a weekend together, the woman who dates with dignity is able to communicate her needs and expectations at all times. There is nothing worse than the sadness and loneliness a woman may feel when a man she met and sleeps with grabs his boxers, kisses her on the cheek and mutters, "call you," once the clock turns twelve.


In order to avoid disappointment and heartache, the dignity dater will discern long before she heads into the bedroom that this man is nothing more than Mr. Right Now, (because they discussed it prior to leaving the bar) and that because he meets her relationship goal, which in this example is to simply "have fun." She will be happy as a clam when he shuts the door, says "goodbye" and the remote control is all hers once again.

When the decision to have sex is a choice made without pressure or based on the assumption she "owes" him something; when there is no false hope involved or the expectation that it will result in something other than an orgasm, women can be free to enjoy the "ahhhhhhhh" of good sex long after the sheets are clean and the moment has long passed. Top 5 Reasons To Date Your One-Night Stand

Whether sex leads to a relationship, celebrates the beginning of a committed partnership, or is simply a good, old-fashioned friends with benefits arrangements, women who are confident, empowered and connected to their personal values and self respect will most likely feel good about their choices, experience sexual satisfaction, and a life free of conflict, drama and regret.

To really make this advice work, you need to follow these action steps to complete today's challenge.

Right now, I want you to:

Determine your sexual ground rules. Where do you stand on issues like commitment, monogamy and sex? How far are you willing to go sexually before getting certain needs met? What weak spots have caused you regret in the past? Write them down and make a pact with yourself to stand firm around your beliefs.

Within 7 days I want you to:

This one is a two-parter. First, craft your rebuttal message to guys who want to try and "encourage" you to set your ground rules aside for them. One sassy way to do this is to look a man straight in the eyes, smile and say, "not yet... but I hope soon...". Men need to know what the rules are, so part two is to make time (not in the heat of the moment) to share with him what it takes to win the keys to your bedroom. Share as honestly, simply and in as straight-forward of a fashion as you can, what you need in order to be comfortable with intimacy.

By the end of the challenge I want you to:

Make a choice to put sex on hold with men you date, until you collect enough "data" and see if you share common values. The Dating With Dignit—Rule of 60—(days, that is) helps ensure that you are making good choices without letting lust and hot sex factor into the equation on your search for Mr. Right.

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